Melissa Gorga’s Yellow Sweater

June 30, 2013-

By Lauren

Tonight l felt bad for Melissa Gorga when I saw her getting scolded over a tweet regarding her sister-in-laws financial situation. After all, who hasn’t had an impulsive moment on twitter and put something out in the twitter-verse that may have been a bit much? That’s why I have a 60 second rule; if I want to tweet something less than nice, I think about it for 60 seconds before doing it. And it has worked for me on most *occasions.

*Tweets mentioning Chris Brown are excluded.

Side note: If you think it’s hard facing backlash regarding Teresa, you don’t want to mess with Team Breezy.

Melissa Gorga’s Yellow Sweater Talking to Joe About Tweeting Teresa

J crew yellow sweater

Aqua Cashmere Exposed Seam Sweater

Aqua Cashmere Exposed Seam Sweater SOLD OUT

Style Stealer:

Citron Exposed Seam Sweater

Citron Sweater

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  1. Laurie says

    Am sorry I don’t feel sorry for Melvin. This isn’t the first time she has opened her mouth to trash talk Tre. It wasn’t a mistake. What she writes is always thought out and its exactly what she thought at the time. Oh it may have been a little tweet she wrote but as always it was another chance for her to diss her sister-in-law. Wow, she acts just like my sister and I did when we were 10 years old…..Get over it Mel and move on to another storyline….Please don’t write another book because I wouldnt buy the first one let alone another one. Knowing her it would be a book about “How to make your Inlaws Like You”. It would make as much sense as learning how to be a ‘White Trash Housewife”. Oh sorry guess I got the title wrong on her book…

  2. Sarah says

    I’m looking for the blue shirt or dress that Melissa Gorga wore on the show tonight (7/7/13) I think it was during the interview part of the show.


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