Yes…I’m serious. After last week’s Halloween episode, I posted a “Style Stealer” pic of the Gorga’s baby in his bat costume to keep things light, as I like to do around here. However, fans really wanted to know where to get his actual costume, as well as Melissa’s.

So here they are—With Halloween 5 months away, you just may have enough time to diet and work out enough to rock it like Melissa did.  But just don’t wear it better then her, because sometimes in life, when you happen to do something better than someone else, they get catty ;-).

Melissa Gorga’s Cat Costume


Queen of Felines Costume

Baby Gorga’s Bat Costume


Baby Bat Costume $39.00

And you know you want it….

Joe Gorga’s Halloween Costume

snooki halloween costume

Snooki Adult Costume $26.99 Costume

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