Mercedes Javid’s Lace Up Pants and Ballin Top

Shah’s of Sunset Season 6 Episode 10 Fashion

She has lots of assets in common with Kim K, like Mercedes Javid’s lace up pants and ballin top. Ok, so the sweatshirt is missing an “m” and an “a” but it’s not like wearing something artificial has every bothered MJ. So for those of you who enjoyed the cheeky top without the extra zero of buying an actual Balmain logo sweatshirt- here’s your alternative.

And we all know lace up pants are the latest 80’s trend to pop up, and MJ had that covered (well, not literally) too. The whole outfit, along with her white tote, was very LA… not Calabasas though. That’s Kim K, not MJ.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Mercedes Javid's Lace Up Pants and Ballin Top Shah's of Sunset Season 6 Episode 10 Fashion

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