Morgan Stewart’s Green Striped Top

E! News Daily Pop January 10, 2019 Fashion

Morgan Stewart’s green striped top was festive and holding on to my favorite season. If you don’t see it on your TV, it’s actually a metallic top with little green and black stripes and is a really flattering color on Morgan. If you’re wondering why she is making that face in the picture, Morgan was debating which celebrity will cause her to immediately buy a magazine. Zuri said that Meghan Markle is hers, and Jen Aniston was definitely a fave, but I recall hearing something that Kim Kardashian will always get clicks and purchases. This is actually a fun question to talk about. Which celeb magazine cover will you automatically buy? Most Bravo people, a Royal, and Today Show folks get my vote.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Morgan Stewart's Green Striped Top

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