My Style: One Crop Top Three Ways

May 19, 2013-

By Lauren

When I got my Leiluna Collection Long Sleeve Crop Top in the mail I was totally excited to wear it.  I mean, my favorite dress line was delving into workout tops? Amazing! But there was one problem; it felt like winter in Chicago until about 5 minutes ago. Since I’m not known for my patience when I want something, I decided to get creative and style this amazingly comfortable top a few different ways.

My Style: The Long Sleeve Crop Top Three Ways

Lauren Sebastian

Leiluna Collection Long Sleeve Crop Top AVAILABLE  in MANY COLORS

First , I wore it as a cover up walking to the gym for a cute layering effect. This is the perfect way to go if you aren’t comfortable in a cropped style, but love to layer and are sick of throwing on a yoga hoodie. It even has thumb holes in the sleeves that we all love.

Then, it was so comfortable and on trend I decided that I would dare to wear it out at night with a high wasted skirt, which was a total score. The fabric is super comfortable, with stretch and it made for a great piece. The long sleeves also made it the perfect way for me to rock a cropped style at 31 years old and not look like I was trying to be 18.

And then it finally happened; it was warm enough to wear the top out of the house without layering while heading to the gym. And all was right in the world. Except that I might have to get another color and wear it 3 different ways all over again.

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