Naomi Olindo’s Black and White Lace Dress at Jennifer Snowden’s Sip & See

Season 4 Episode 6 Southern Charm Fashion

While everyone had a lot to say about their love for Naomi Olindo’s black and white lace dress at Jennifer Snowden’s Sip & See, they had even more to Craig and Naomi’s relationship issues on last night’s Southern Charm. Sure there was a littttttle drama with Naomi leaving Craig behind—which I totally own that I did to own husband last week when he was being sloooow to leave for something important at my son’s school, and let me tell you, he liked it about as much as Craig–but he was totally running late and she put her foot down. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t have a car, and she did have to get there before the baby turned 5. Plus, we know that Naomi is someone who totally needs to be on time proven by the fact that if she wasn’t prompt in the shopping department she never would have gotten her hands on this ever-popular, celeb-loved, black and white lace dress.  And while I’ve identified some great “Style Stealers” for Naomi’s dress, lets hope Craig gets it together so he doesn’t have to find look alike version of Naomi…

Naomi Olindo's Black and White Lace Dress

Click Here for Information on the Self Portrait Felicia Contrast Lace Dress

Seen on Paris Hilton in Jan 2016

Style Stealers:

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