Paige DeSorbo’s Teeth Whitening Light

Summer House Beauty Season 3

With any luck, summer means everything is sun-kissed and glowing. And with the smiles that brings we plan to show a lot of teeth whenever summer actually come to Chicago. And like Paige DeSorbo, we are obsessed with having white teeth so we totally zoned in on the tool she was casually using while she waited for her sheet mask to soak in during last week’s episode.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with using a blue light kit for whitening, it’s a 30 minute treatment where you place the LED light onto your teeth. The idea is that it is supposed to give you faster and better results than a traditional whitening pen or strip. We found a similar, highly reviewed product to get those pearly whites looking brighter than the Hamptons’ sun because if it’s good enough for Paige it’s good enough for us except Carl!

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Paige Desorbo's Teeth Whitening Light

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