I love that shirt that Peggy had on during the interview clips last week while she was talking to Tamra. Where do I buy that? Alex

Peggy looks so pretty in her orange silk halter, and I know I will mess Peggy and her pretty style when we don’t get to see it on The Real Housewives of Orange County anymore. And even though it’s a show I love and I hate to say goodbye to one of the good ones, props to Peggy for making the best decision for herself and her family. And she’d better tweet pics of what she’s wearing when she’s not on the show, because she surely whats best for us too.

Peggy Tanous’ Orange Silk Halter with Gold Grommets

Peggy Tanous Studded Orange Halter

Silk Halter Tank by XOXO

A big thank you to Peggy for the information on her sexy silk halter. Check out what Peggy is up to at PeggyTanous.com

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