Peyton Pritchard’s Striped Maxi Romper on the Southern Charm Aftershow

Season 5 Southern Charm Fashion

Unfortunately, Peyton Pritchard didn’t get to show off any outfits in this week’s episode, unless you count her unicorn costume at the Halloween party (which the gals didn’t exactly go for, but I actually thought was pretty cool!) Thankfully, she decided to make up for it on the Southern Charm Aftershow, with a striped maxi romper that we’re legit thirsty for over here at BBH (you may even say “dehydrated”). Although the actual romper is sold out, we’re glad we were able to find a very similar Style Stealer to quench our thirst for now.

I’m curious to know everyones opinion on the Naomie/Peyton altercation at the party. While I can see where Naomie was coming from (legit LOL’ed when she defended the ambush by saying “she was really thirsty, she needed water”), I still felt bad for Peyton considering the party was her official introduction to Charleston society, and she didn’t exactly get the warmest reception. Although I’m not 100% sure whose side I’m on yet, one thing I know is that I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a newbie in Charleston.




 Peyton Pritchard’s Striped Maxi Romper

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Photo Credit: Southern Charm After Show

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