Ramona Singer’s Gray Studded Club Chair In Her Hamptons House

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 3 Decor

Reader request! Ramona Singer’s gray studded club chair in the Hamptons is the perfect addition to the updates she has done to the house. The nailhead, also known as studs (hence studded chair) adds a refined elegance to most any room. Did you know that nailhead originally was used to keep the upholstery on the furniture frame? You’ll see it on all types of styles of furniture; modern, traditional, transitional, industrial. I never use to like nailhead trim until a few years ago, now I love it, especially on accent pieces like Ramona’s club chair. The style adds a detail element that certainly makes a statement, which fits because she’s a gal that loves making a statement too.

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Ramona Singer’s Gray Studded Club Chair in Her Hamptons House

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