Ramona Singer’s Red Halter Dress in her Confessionals

Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 7 Fashion

After comparing Ramona Singer’s red halter dress in her confessionals to the actual product image, one thing immediately stood out to me – Ramona was wearing it backwards! However, after doing further investigative research, I’ve seen other pics of it being styled this way, so now I’m thinking it may have been an intentional error. I’ve also seen it worn with the button open for a more slouchy-chic look, which I love.

Speaking of getting things backward, let’s talk about Ramona’s convo with Carole about Bethenny calling her a “puppet”. I’m going to give Ramona the benefit of the doubt with this one, because although we know from the dinner footage that Bethenny never said the word “puppet,” it’s easy to see why she may have thought that. But regardless of who’s really the puppet and who’s the master (seriously getting RHOC flashbacks right now), I think one thing we can all agree on is that the New York ladies put on a damn good puppet show. And that deserves a standing ovation.




Ramona Singer’s Red Halter Dress in her Confessionals

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