Raquel Leviss’ Black Lace Up Swimsuit At Big Bear

Season 6 Episode 12 Vanderpump Rules Fashion

Raquel Leviss’ is certainly in an awkward situation on the Vanderpump Rules Big Bear trip due to the weird tension between her boyfriend James and his ex fling and current friend Lala. I wouldn’t want to be someone’s date who seems to be sorting out their feelings for another woman, especially in an alcohol fueled situation like a trip day with the Vanderpump Rules crew. However, if I ever was put in that situation, I would want to be wearing a swimsuit like Raquels’ black lace up piece.  If you’ve got to weirdly compete with another women, you’d better be sure you bring your sexiest suit. That way if your boyfriend keeps it up you can take two steps down the beach, turn heads and forget all about him.

Raquel Leviss' Black Lace Up Swimsuit

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