Reagan Charleston’s Front Twist Crop Top

Southern Charm New Orleans Season 1 Episode 3 Fashion

Reagan Charleston’s front twist crop top shows off her tiny belly and giant fashion choices. Although she designs some of her own pieces, like her jewelry, this is a top that you can buy and is perfect for summer. Although a crop top isn’t for everyone, luckily high wasted pants are, ie wearing a crop doesn’t mean showing your stomach, if that’s not your thing.

Reagan, a real life Elle Woods (sorry Kameron Westcott…), is going to graduate law school Magna Cum Laude, with the highest distinctions, is married to a football player, has her own jewelry line, is blonde, smart, fashionable, and although I just want to go “ugh” I’m intrigued by her.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Reagan Charleston's Front Twist Crop Top

Click Here to See Reagan’s Rachel Comey Top (Sold Out)

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