Reagan Charleston’s Gold Bar Sunglasses

Southern Charm New Orleans Season 1 Episode 3 Fashion

She needed shades to shield her tears and Reagan Charleston’s gold bar sunglasses did so in the fashionable way we have come to expect. We haven’t been able cover very much Southern Charm New Orleans because we’ve had a hard time digging up the pieces thus far, and even design some of their own clothes. But we definitely know and loved these sunglasses and wanted to get those into your hands! As soon as we get deets on more of their fashion, we will definitely pass those on. Feel free to let us know what you love so that we know what to focus on.

Reagan and her hubby are definitely not hiding from the cameras—they seem to be naturals, even for the first season. Even for the first season, their glam is on point, their product placement is on point, and their drama is definitely on point. And these glasses are… on… you guessed it.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Reagan Charleston's Gold Bar Sunglasses

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