Real Girlfriends in Paris Season 1 Episode 6 Fashion

Episode 6 of RGIP was a good one in both fashion and fun. The girls took a trip to Margaux Lignel’s GORGEOUS summer house in Cannes. Something that wasn’t so gorgeous however was the casino they visited night one. It all seemed to turned around though when they threw Anya Firestone a surprise bachelorette party with a very special guest, Hector. But the best part about it was the fashion pieces they wore through out. And if you’re asking yourself if you’re able to shop some of them below, the answer is of course you Cannes.


Victoria Zito’s Blue Sweater Dress

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Anya Firestone’s White Puff Sleeve Top

Anya Firestone's White Puff Sleeve Top

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Margaux Lignel’s Yellow Knot Mini Bag

Margaux Lignel's Yellow Knot Mini Bag

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Victoria Zito’s Logo Ugg Boots

Victoria Zito's Logo Ugg Boots

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The Girls’ Pink Satin Pajamas

The Girls' Pink Satin Pajamas

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