Real Girlfriends in Paris Season 1 Episode 9 Fashion

We didn’t get a chance to cover last week’s episode due to an overload of BravoCon content. But alas we are back on track with RGIP content. This week not only was the fashion on point, but the drama was too. There is a very palpable divide among the girlfriends. But nothing a little sexual food/shopping experience can’t dilute right? I mean food and shopping always seem like a good idea IMO. So grab your eggplants and head to the link below and you’ll be looking like a Dali doll in no time.


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Margaux Lignel’s Pink Tulle Dress

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Adja Toure’s Metallic Cutout Halter Dress

Click Here to See Her Maje Dress

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Victoria Zito’s Sheer Embellished Dress

Victoria Zito's Sheer Embellished Dress

Click Here to Shop Her Coperni Dress

Margaux’s Dress Also Coperni

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Margaux Lignel’s Pink Leather Bag

Margaux Lignel's Pink Leather Bag

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Emily Gorelik’s Ruffle Knit Maxi Skirt

Click Here to Shop Her Sonia Rykiel Skirt

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