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June 20, 2012-

By Lauren

Did you catch my guest appearance on “Real Housewives on Real Housewives”  on how to get Real Housewives Hair and Makeup, using the ladies favorite products?  It includes a step by step video on how to use my favorite products, including those listed below, to get Housewives Glam!  If you’ve already watched it, here are the links below to buy the products featured! I’m literally in love with all of them. Please comment if you have any questions! 
Gretchen Rossi’s Go To Make Up Products: 
Golden Girl Eyeshadow Palette Gretchen Christine Cosmetics
Gretchen Christine Curling Lash Mascara
Gretchen Christine Gel Eyeliner in Raven
Gretchen Christine Celebrity Eyelashes
Gretchen Wears These Daily
Gretchen Christine Rossi Blush in Attract Makeup
Gretchen Christine Lip Plumper in Titilate Rossi Lip Gloss
Gretchen Christine Lip Liner
How To Look Fab with Your Cocktail:
Wines By Wives Wine Glass Cheetah
*Want to look fab while looking like a Housewife? These glasses are hand-painted, gorgeous and
totally sturdy! Great conversation piece! I’m thinking of working an outfit around mine!
How To Get Instantly Tan
Melissa Gorga New Years Eve 2011
Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance

Gleam by Melanie Mills

How To Get BIG Hair:

Teeze w Eez
How To Shop Like The Housewives
 Forward by Elyse Walker (Brandi Glanville Go To)
Shop the Latest Women's Designer Collections at

Love Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville’s Style? Her latest favorite shopping destination is Forward by Elyse Walker, and I know why.

Melissa Gorga in Mandalay Reve Boutique

Melissa Gorga in Mandalay from

Where do the Real Housewives of New Jersey frequent? of course. Click here for all of their in stock items seen on Melissa Gorga and more!

BebeTamra Barney Finale Lace Dress Real Housewives Season 7 Bebe

Bebe Jasper Deep V Lace Dress Black

Bebe is the home of amazing dresses, and a staple for The Real Housewives of Orange County! 

My dress:

Leiluna Collection Melissa Gorga 3 Way Dress Coral

Leiluna Collection 3 Way Dress As Seen On Melissa Gorga

Have you seen something on a Housewife or celeb you can’t live without? Post a comment below, tweet @BigBlondeHair or leave a comment on The Big Blonde Hair Blog’s Facebook page.

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  1. MrsM says

    Hello there…I hope you can help me solve this mystery. Last season, when Gretchen went over to Alexis’ house to talk to her about broadcasting (the infamous scene in which Gretchen dropped the bomb that she had been approached for that Fox 5 spot before Alexis but turned it down), Gretchen was carrying the most AMAZING large red shiny bag with a flower on it. Even Alexis commented on the bag and asked if it was from Gretchen’s line but she said it wasn’t. Do you have any idea where that bag came from or a “dupe-a-like” that might be available? I have the perfect pair of shoes for it…If only I could find that dang bag, lol! TIA for any help, and LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!!!


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