Please find out the name of the Aviator Sunglasses that Tamra wore on her trip to Spain with Eddie… Super Cute – Leigh via Facebook

As I’m sorting through masses of Real Housewives of Orange County style questions, I’m reminded of looking back at old yearbooks after the last day of school…Reminiscing, trying to keep the magic alive. Tear. And then I started thinking about how I wasn’t that cool in high school. Tear. Tear. With that, I’ve decided to start with the item that can make anyone cool…Sunglasses. Just don’t wear them at night, please.

Also, gold aviators are as hard to narrow down as a vote for prom queen, so I gave you 2 that look verrry similar, and then give you a for less “Style Stealer”! And with that, I’m done being corny, and you can steal Tamra’s style.

Tamra Barney’s Aviator Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli Cericone Metal Aviators $309

Ray Ban Wrap Aviator Sunglasses $129

Steve Madden Aviator Sunglasses $29.40


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