Savannah Guthrie’s Pink and Red Houndstooth Skirt

Today Show August 24, 2018 Fashion

Savannah Guthrie’s pink and red houndstooth skirt on Today this morning was super cute! Out on the plaza with Janelle Monae and some of her biggest superfans, they got to enjoy a pretty sweet concert by the mega star!

I think the name Janelle is so unique and beautiful. I grew up with a girl with that name and thought it was so unique. She is literally one of the naturally skinniest girls you will ever see, but she had this voice that came out of her that was like some southern soul queen. It’s insane. I’m pretty sure she’s in NYC getting famous. Also, she could eat pizza like a champ. How random that I’m talking about her- she will probably never know, but I guess that’s where my stream of consciousness went today!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Savannah Guthrie's Pink and Red Houndstooth Skirt

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