Savannah Guthrie’s Shamrock Printed Dress

Today Show January 11, 2018 Fashion

After a long search we got super lucky finding Savannah Guthrie’s shamrock printed dress which was SO cute! A dress that many would save for March, why would you do that when you always need a little luck? I’ve always loved shamrocks and found them to be such a special and happy looking symbol. Although on a new network TV show called “Child Support” the had a trivia question asking what the national mythical symbol of Scotland was, and although I thought it was the Loch Ness monster and then maybe the Leprechaun (I know, Irish!), it turned out to be the unicorn!

I think the US really needs a unicorn as our national symbol right now, wouldn’t you say? They’re just so happy and magical… but a shamrock printed dress is just as cute, and this one is super cute!

Keep it Real,
Sally Steele


Savannah Guthrie's Shamrock Printed Dress

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(Initially aired in 2018)



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