Savannah Guthrie’s White Down Coat at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Today Show November 22, 2018 Fashion

Savannah Guthrie’s white down coat at the Thanksgiving Day Parade was certainly keeping her warm. On what is the coldest Thanksgiving for dozens of states around the country, this was definitely necessary. So you have seen these coats everywhere. The question is, is the pricey parka worth the money? Here’s my personal opinion. Hell yes. I live in Chicago, where they recently opened a flagship, probably because we have polar vortexes and such. And while I personally own the warmest of the coats (the come in levels 1-5, 5 being the warmest), Savannah’s is probably doing the trick. I also the the model she has. More observant readers will note that Savannah’s patch is different from Hoda’s in that hers is black. This is called the “black label” which is literally just a black label applied to some of the models of the coat to look slightly more understated.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Savannah Guthrie's White Down Coat at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Photo Credit: Today Show Instagram

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