Alexis Rose’s A Necklace on Schitt’s Creek

Season 4 Schitt’s Creek Fashion

Alexis Rose’s A Necklace on Schitt’s Creek is a necklace that’s ID was requested from my neighbor Jen, who happened to be the first person to tell me to watch Schitt’s Creek awhile back. And since I pretty much owe her my life for introducing me to David, Alexis, Moira and Johnny, I had to honor her request first (well, after my weird ode to David was out of the way in post #1, of course).  Luckily we’ve seen the “K” version on the Real Housewives of Orange County, so I immediately knew where to look for this well priced piece. And regardless of her first initial, we totally give Alexis an “A” on this choice of necklace and it’s super affordable price that makes it great for a gift for a friend, or for yourself.

 Schitt's Creek Fashion: Alexis Rose's A Necklace

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