David Rose’s Parisien Sweatshirt on Schitt’s Creek

Season 4 Episode 2 Fashion

David Rose’s Parisien sweatshirt on Schitt’s Creek reminds me of a graphic tees that I often wear, as they generally represent something that I aspire to get closer to but am not quite there. I’m sure, although David wishes he was living in Paris as opposed to Schitt’s Creek, he’ll settle for the shirt for the time being (as long as things in his relationship don’t go south, that is). It’s like me wearing my Balmain graphic logo tee that essentially represents that fact that I don’t have the Balmain budget but wanted to get my hands on a little something that makes me feel a leeeetle closer to a gold button blazer or gorgeously embellished dress. The major difference? There’s more of a chance of David getting out of SC and residing in Paris than there is my hubs letting me drop 2k+ on a Balmain beaded number. Ah well, a gal can dream.

David Rose's Parisien Sweatshirt on Schitt's Creek

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