Shawna Craig’s “American Rebel” Fringe Tee on Second Wives Club

Second Wives Club Season 1 Episode 1 Fashion

Shawna Craig’s fringed shirt on Second Wives Club is an example of an item we can all rock. And guys, take it from us- as soon as the ladies on the Second Wives Club realize how much we like their style, they’re going to make the clothes they wear way un-affordable. Wouldn’t you agree that Shawna’s Forever 21 crop, cutoff, fringed “American Rebel Motorcycle Club” t-shirt is perfect to wear to pick up your drunk girlfriends who got stuck eating tacos in the parking lot off the hood of their Rolls Royce?

In addition to the fact that this gal has got herself an agent and may soon light up our big screens (or tasteful nude scenes on cable TV), Shawna just seems so friggin’ sweet that it makes us want to copy her down to earth edgy style even more. The graphic t-shirt is no longer available but we picked some other winners to copy her style.

Keep it Real,

Sally xo

American Revel Fringe Tee

American Rebel Fringe Cutoff Tee Sold Out at Forever 21

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