Original Post 2.8.2010

And she’s out! Resident backstabber Ali chose her career over Jake begging two questions…1-Did she really love him as she claimed to? 2- What is her job? President of the United States? I hate to be sexist (but I don’t hate it that much), but what 25 year old girl that was really into a guy who was that close to being engaged to him would ditch him to go home and hear the alarm ring at 6am every morning and get up to throw on a pair of pants from Banana and trudge into the office? Very few are really THAT level headed. And I’m sorry, but how good could her job be? Has she taken Obama’s seat in the oval office? I know the economy is bad, but good lord there are more jobs out there! I will be interested to hear where she ends up and what she has to say in “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” that we will all indulge in a few weeks from now.

Also, if I knew I was going to leave the show and America may not see my pretty face again, I would have sexed it up and picked a more memorable outfit. What was she going for? High school graduation chic? Maybe it was so Jake wouldn’t feel so bad when she ran out the door.

Also, this probably means that the internet leaks floating around are true, and many of us have read who has won. Ali leaving for her career was the first that I heard in a string of 3 rumors involving to the remaining episodes. If that is the case, the outcome is a good one that falls right into line with the craziness of the rest of the season.

AND last but not least, you’ve gotta love the hometown visits. Was Vienna’s fam not exactly what you pictured? Living in a swamp in Florida, her dad with a ‘stache takin’ Jake out to the woodshed for a good old talkin’ to? Again, I’m not on team “I Hate Vienna”, it was just what I had pictured! How about Tenley’s special dance for Jake? That is TOTALLY how I got Mark to marry me;-) …Or possibly how Tenley lost her first hubby? Then Gia’s mom reading Jake’s tarot cards or his palms or whatever went on? And her half bro…who also sported a ‘stache (in NYC??). I loved it. Being on “Team Jake”, I have to say, he handled the visits well and seemed to be honest and up front with the parents about his situation. Props to him for keeping his cool and keeping it honest.

And then there were three, and Jake is in love with all of them, that busy guy. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. At least next week they are actually off to the Caribbean for some FIVE start treatment!