Original Post 2.8.2010

Once again, it’s cold outside in the Midwest and thus, it’s the time of year when we A- Ask ourselves why we live here and B – All make the mad dash to Florida, Arizona, Cali etc. to get away from our puffy down coats and fugly uggs. The problem is, we often arrive at our destination after eating our way through the holidays, drinking too much nog and staying holed up inside for the months following the new year. After one glance at our pasty, less than toned booties, we want to go back home and crawl back into our oversized sweaters and stretchy leggings.

THANKFULLY Sarah Blakely, the designer of our favorite flaw fixers of the past 5 years, Spanx, has recently debuted a swim wear line. Designed to nip and tuck your problem areas, the line features bikini’s, one pieces and tankini’s in a variety of different colors and styles. As a huge fan of Spanx, I do believe the underpieces and tights make a HUGE difference in fixing your figure and do make you look 5-10 pounds lighter. The swimsuit styles offered are cute, not the MOST sexy or fashion forward, BUT I think sacrificing a minimal amount of styling it is worth it to most to have a flat stomach and a smokin booty. Here are a few styles offered from this season’s line.

One Shoulder One Piece – Offers shelf bra with contoured cups for support, inner and outer fabrication coordinated for maximum compression, power shaping mesh liner

Triangle Bikini Set – Tiered detail on bustline will make you look bustier than Dolly Parton, ruffle on waistline to mask figure flaws, leg designed specifically to give a bulge free look, removable swim cups

Slimming Swim Dress – Sexy alternative to traditional bikini or one piece, provide stomach and booty coverage, fabrication designed for maximum compression, power shaping mesh liner

Visit www.spanx.com for more styles and pricing. With the way I’m feeling this year, I’m thinking of writing a letter to the designer to see if she will design a full body compressing wet suit :-).