Shiva Safai’s Brown Woven Clutch on Second Wives Club

Second Wives Club Season 1 Episode 3 Fashion

What do you wear when you’re going to a party on a boat that you think is a yacht? Naturally a flost white dress and top of the line accessories like a perfect brown pouch to hide your fan, phone, and feelings, like Shiva Safai’s brown pouch on Second Wives Club. Her outfit on Season 1 Episode 3 was yet another covetable accessory she wore effortlessly on our new bingeworthy show. Along with her Hermès belt and blue shades, the clutch made a perfect outfit for an imperfect afternoon on Tanias Yacht boat. Shiva was very gracious arriving on that yacht boat considering the fact that she probably has a fleet of 150 foot fully staffed yachts ala Below Deck at her disposal, but she looked as comfortable as she would have been in her own home, mansion, boat, yacht.

Keep it Real,

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Shiva Safai's Brown Woven Clutch

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