Hi Sonja Morgan’s Under Eye Patches

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Prepping for her infamously glam testimonial look, Sonja Morgan’s under eye patches were revealed during a behind the scenes instastory. These patches have been used on a lot of ladies (and gents) on Bravo. In fact, the smarter makeup artists have taught me a little trick that I have been using recently, which is to put the patches on while working on my eye makeup. This way, the makeup stays away from my under-eyes without smudging, and also makes my face super fresh when I’m ready to put on the rest of my face! This product should be great. And when compared to Sonja’s vampire facial, pretty conservative. I have tried a number of under eye patches and masks, and honestly the verdict is still out. I tend to break out with new products. But under eye patches are always a welcome thing to try!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Sonja Morgan's Under Eye Patches

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Photo credit: Sonja Morgan’s Instagram

Photo Credit and Makeup Artist: Jasen Kaplan

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