Stassi Schroeder’s 3 Ankle Strap Beige Sandals with her Black Dress on Instagram

Stassi Schroeder is back, and thankfully so is her closet—and it’s better than ever, as is she. Even Stassi’s hair has me wanting to ditch my little tryst on the “dark side” with balylage (aka my “lazy hair”), go back to my normal blonde, and yank out my weave in honor of a chic lob. And on the heels of her blue lace Vanderpump Rules finale dress, I’m getting many requests for her other looks, including these ever-so-fab ankle wrap, macrame sandals.  And guess what? You’re wish is my command. My only regret is that don’t have them in my size, which is totally leading to consideration of some sort of foot size reduction surgery. If I don’t go that route, please enjoy them for me, and hit me up if you see a 10 roll in on eBay, or want to do some sort of foot swap.

Stassi Schroeder's 3 Ankle Strap Sandals on Instagram
                                                                  Photo: @StassiSchroeder on Instagram
Stassi Schroeder wearing the BCBG Sandal in Bisque
                                                                Photo: @StassiSchroeder on Instagram

BCBG Elen Sandal in Bisque

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Unique Vintage Black Bodycon Dress

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