I’ve heard of people keeping a gun by their bed to stay safe at night sometimes leading to accidental shootings, so I think Stassi’s approach with a gun lamp is a much safer way to go. It says “I’m a girl with a gun lamp meaning I may be crazy enough to hurt you…But not right now. So just don’t mess with me”.

Note: I found two identical versions of this lamp with a $1500 price difference between the two. I do not know which Stassi has, but they are pretty identical to eachother.

Stassi Schroeder’s Gold Gun Lamp

Gun Lamp

Gun Lamp

Gun Lamp $199 Available Here in Black and Gold or Silver and White


Flos Table Lamp Gun

Flos Gun Beside Lamp $1707 Available Here at Luisa Via Roma

Shotgun Style:

Shot Gun Lamp

Gun Lamp Available Here at  The Hayneedle