Stassi on tonight’s episode is wearing a white sweater with a studded look on the top of the shoulder. Where is this top from? Help! I can’t find anywhere! Corrine via BigBlondeHair on Facebook

It looks like Vanderpump Rules’ top-shopper has been at it again…Literally.

Stassi Schroeders’ White Beaded Shoulder Sweater at Lake Arrowhead

Top Shop Knitted Embellished Jumper

Top Shop Knitted Embellished Sweater

Topshop Knit Shoulder Beaded Sweater Available Here

Blue Topshop Embellished Shoulder Sweater

Topshop Knit Shoulder Beaded Sweater in Blue Available Here

Topshop Embellished Shoulder Open Knit Sweater

Topshop Beaded Shoulder Knit Sweater in Black Available Here

Style Stealer: (Updated 11/3/14)

Embellished SHoulder Sweater

Embellished Shoulder Sweater Available Here in 2 Colors

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