Steal Her Style: Kim Kardashian’s Denim Choker at Revolve Social Club

August 2016 Kardashian Fashion

How about @KimKardashian‘s denim choker? #hot – @PamGenna (Design)

I love a good choker, however I’ve had to put a hiatus on wearing them because I don’t exactly need my neck/chin area hi lighted at this point in pregnancy. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning ahead for my post baby wardrobe. So when I got this tweet from Pam, I was suuuper excited to track down Kim’s style and steal it. And while the exact style is old out, there are plenty of options that are super fab to feed your choker addiction…

Kim Kardashian Denim Choker

Kim Kardashian Denim Choker

Photo: Zimbio

Sorella Boutique Distressed Jean Choker worn by Kim Kardashian

Sorella Boutique Distressed Jean Choker (Sold Out)

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