My Style: Beachy Boho For Spring ’14

March 26, 2014-

By Lauren

Last night, celebrating my 32nd birthday in South Beach, I may have copied my look from someone a bit older than I am. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fashion standout Lisa Vanderpump, to be specific. And this in itself makes me proud of the maturity that I must have developed during my 31st year, because last year I’m pretty sure I copied my birthday style from an 18 year old.  And this amazing neon, tie dye maxi dress turned many more heads than a sexy mini dress. That or everyone was looking at the college girls on Spring Break walking behind me ;-).

Tie Dye Silk Wrap Maxi Dress (Seen on Lisa Vanderpump in Purple & Pink) 

Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Anna Kosturova Silk Tie Dye Dress

Anna K Silk Tie Dye Maxi Dress in Astral Neon Available at 

Use code haute15 for 15% off this amazing dress!

Lisa Vanderpump Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Have you seen something on the Real Housewives or any other celebrity fashion you can’t live without? Post a comment below, tweet @BigBlondeHair or leave a comment on  Big Blonde Hair’s Facebook page


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      • Hi says

        Hi again, ok thanks.

        I just ordered a M (6-8) I hope it fits and does not run small. Saw u wrote Lisa had a L, but maybe you just wrote the size comment next to the size chart u made… Well… Lisa isnt that bif tough and I guess shes a few centimiters shorter that me ;)…!

        How tall are u? It goes to the floor on you, but I am 175 cm. Live in EU so thats why I asked 😉

        • Hi says

          again.. haha
          by small, do you mean 6-8 or the normal S they offer on the site, like 0-4? Looks great on you!

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