Kristin Cavallari’s Gold Cage Lamp In Her Glam Room

Very Cavallari Season 2 Instagram Decor

Glam on point! Kristin Cavallari’s gold cage lamp in her glam room is ah-mazing and I totally need it in my life (I also need her glam team in my life, too!). Of course, she looks fantastic with or without the glam, but having a great team behind you never hurts. Kristin’s modern, open-shade light seems to shed enough lumens to really light up her room, a struggle most women can appreciate when it’s time to put on our faces for the day. If there is one thing every woman can agree on, its that lighting is everything. A well-lit glam room can mean the difference between walking out of the house looking fresh or a mess. And even though I couldn’t find her exact lamp, I think my almost identical version will be enough to light up your life.

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Kristin Cavallari’s Gold Cage Lamp In Her Glam Room

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