Hi Lauren, wondering if you can help find jeweled hair accessories she (Kathy) wore last night. They were rhinestones haning in her hair they were so pretty. Thanks, Jacqueline

Since this is the Big Blonde Hair Blog and I do consider myself an expert on anything rediculous you can add to your hair to attract attention to yourself, whether it be extensions, feathers, tinsel, bleach or crystals, I immediately knew we needed an answer to this question. Lucky for all it’s a multiple choice, and there is more than one right answer. If only it could have been that way in college…

Kathy Wakile’s Goddess Party Hair Crystals

Style Stealers:

*I haven’t tested any of these personally, so if you do, post your recommendation on The Big Blonde Hair Blog’s Facebook wall!*

Hair Crystalz $10 for 36 HairFlairs.com

Apply with heating tool (flat iron) and remove with rubbing alcohol or hairspray. Lasts through several washes. Instructions on website.


Professional Swarovski Crystal Hair Extensions by Great Lengths

*Visit their website for informations on salons where they are available in your ‘hood*

Clip in hair tinsel with Swarovski Crystals $12 Etsy.com

FYI: If you’re an Adrienne Maloof fan and love her tinsel too, hers is by Bella Via! (Thanks EverydayFab.BlogSpot.com)

10 Swarovski Crystal Hair Snaps $20 Etsy.com

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