Want to know what is in my makeup bag this summer and why? Check out the fab items below for a crash course on what I cannot live without. Some are new to my repertoire and some I’ve used for years! And if you like what you read, it’s as simple as hovering over the collage and clicking on the “hot spots” purchase the items.

One tip … I try to purchase any items I can from Nordstrom (this goes for everything outside of cosmetics as well) because of their fabulous return policy, or Sephora because they have a good policy as well.

Bumble & Bumble Pret-A-Powder I normally have hair extensions and dry hair from processing, so washing everyday is not something I do. Dry shampoo has been in my beauty arsenal for years. This Bumble & Bumble formula is amazing, does the trick and doesn’t turn my hair powdery white, or greasy like sprays. It’s also an amazing tool to create extra volume for any do!

Diorshow Mascara & Maximizer I’ve tried so many mascara’s and although this combo can be a but pricey, it’s well worth it. I started using Dior’s mascara a couple years back, and it’s great, but priming with the maximizer makes a huge difference. It’s the most amazing 1-2 punch I’ve tried (short of adding in false lashes).

Nars Bronzer I always opt to use a bronzer whether I’m with or sans foundation, and I’m a fan of this Nars bronzer.

Diorshow Waterproof Liner If you want a thick black line (also offered in color) that stays put for quite a while, I recommend this Dior liner. They do great makeup, and this liner goes on smooth and has a hidden sharpener in the base that allows you to easily change the line you get from thick to thin.

Urban Decay Naked Palette I’m sure you’ve heard this from others, but the Naked Palette is a great go to for an all around eye makeup win. I’ve used it for years (I always run out of Sin first) and haven’t found a better combo. Plus, you can get online tutorials from lots of makeup experts to help you mix and match shades, though I just do it myself.

St Tropez Self Tan & Mit I’ve been sunless tanning for 13 years, and St. Tropez had me at hello. I’ve used their formula for over four years and will never go back to anything else. I never have streaks, get smelly or look orange, I just have a great golden glow. You may look at the price tag and say it’s not a deal, but seeing as one spray tan session will often cost you more than this bottle that will last you weeks/moths, it’s really a steal. A few months ago I added the mit instead of applying by hand and it helps keep my palms from turning dark and makes a smooth application. If I had to pick a product I cannot live without, this bronzing mousse is it!

Sephora Mink Lashes I love a dramatic false lash, and Sephora’s mink lashes are the best I’ve tried so far.  I love the sexy, feathery look the give and they are easy to apply.

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