Tamra Barney FashionReal Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney has never been known to mince words, and if you love the OC mom of four on the famed Bravo show, you’re going to love her new weekly podcast Tamra Talks.

Episode 1, which aired this week and can be listened to here, features Tamra’s friend and sex toy expert, CJ Zucker, as well as her Wines by Wives business partner Christopher Gravagna, in a no holds barred conversation about sex, relationships, Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 and even her ex.

Barney holds down hostessing duties while being honest and down to earth, and it is great to listen to her in an enviornment in which she isn’t being forced into any confrontation (ie a Real Housewives dinner party) and is able to just be herself and speak her mind, despite possible blushing to follow from her Fiance Eddie Judge (steamy bedroom confessions about her Latin Lover anyone?). This role gives the listener a more of a chance to relate to Tamra the mom, fiance, friend and business woman, and it is a great for this relatable Reality TV Star.

In addition, you’ll get the inside scoop on her current relationship with Vicki, how much weight she has lost during her recent “transformation” and her thoughts on how being on Reality TV has changed her life.

While you may want to be sure the kiddies in bed before you listen to Episode 1, unless you want them to know what the G Spot is at an early age, this is definitely a podcast that can be shared with a significant other of either sex, as it isn’t too girly and gives both a male and female perspective on a variety of hot topics-And it’s funny.

In episodes to come Barney promises a variety of celebrity and non-celebrity guests, opportunities to ask her questions, and an inside look at the Orange County drama.

My recommendation? Real Housewives fan or not, this Podcast is worth a listen for honest views on hot topics.


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