Tamra Judge’s Teeth Whitening and Reunion Prep

Real Housewives of Orange County Twitter Beauty Products

We got a glimpse into the glamor of Tamra Judge’s teeth whitening and reunion prep. Seems plucking nose hairs and whitening her teeth are step one! I must say my event prep is pretty similar. When the idea of teeth whitening was first introduced to me I was in high school. When I talked to my super sweet dentist who could have made a pretty penny off of me at the time, he instead directed me to the same whitening strips that Tamra talked about on Twitter. I have been a loyal user ever since.

I feel like things are just heating up on OC and I can’t believe they’re already filming the reunion. Will Vicky and Tamra finally settle things? What is Shannon going to cry about? Is Lydia coming back? How is Peggy’s health? Most importantly, what will they all wear? All we know is that it will be explosive, and that Tamra will have white teeth and be hairless.

Keep it Real,
Sally Steele

Tamra Judge's Teeth Whitening and Reunion Prep

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