Hi, Do you know where Tamra had Gretchen’s charm bracelet made? Thanks! Erin via Facebook

I loved this pretty pink version of an olive branch that Tamra gave to Gretchen on Sunday’s Real Housewives of Orange County. Now we just need one for Teresa to exchange with Melissa. And Nene to exchange with Kim. And Taylor to exchange with Brandi…In fact,  with all the drama in all the cities between all the Housewives, the designer may have just found her niche.

Tamra Barney’s Pink Friendship Bracelet for Gretchen Rossi

Tamra's Pink Bracelet for Gretchen

Tamra Barney Bracelet for Gretchen Rossi
Photo Credit - Minx-Minx.com

Rouge Set $275 Minx-Minx.com

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