Tamra’s OC Wedding Pink Necklace

September 2, 2013-

By Lauren

@BigBlondeHair Can you tell me who makes the pink statement necklace Tamra was wearing on the first look of Tamra’s OC wedding? AlafPierce via Twitter

I actually can tell you, because the necklace happened to be a gift from me to Tamra when I visited her last Spring.  And if everyone thanked me by wearing my gifts on National TV, I’d totally be buying a lot more gifts.

On a serious note, props to her for styling is amazingly with the pink on pink and black on white, it’s a great color and look on her.

Tamra’s OC Wedding Pink Necklace at the St Regis & During Interviews During Episode 1

Tamra's OC Wedding Tamra Barney's Pink Interview NecklaceTamra Barneys Pink Statement Necklace I bought this at a small boutique in Chicago as a gift for Tamra 

To those of you who emailed, they are now available for purchase here (limited quantity)

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  1. Kristina says

    On Tamra’s OC wedding episode 1, Can you tell me where Tamra’s pink top is from? The part of the episode when she asks Heather to be a bridesmaid.

  2. Courtney says

    I love this necklace and I actually have it in blue with silver! I found mine on Etsy and they have many different colors! It’s super afordable too, like less than $15

  3. Christene says

    Can you tell me where Tamra got her pink cross tee shirt with the fringe and also the gold studded cross tee shirt?

    Many thanks!!

  4. Courtney says

    I know it’s almost a year later but I was just watching old Tamra’s OC Wedding episodes and I’m dying to know where to find the necklaces that Vicki AND Tamra wore while looking at wedding cakes!!! I loved both their looks in that scene! Vicki’s lavender blouse looked so soft and flattering on her!

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