Teresa Giudice’s Wedding and Bridesmaids Robes

Real Housewives of New Jersey “Teresa Gets Married” Fashion

Gone are the days of people like me wearing a matching Chicago Bears sweatsuit while getting ready for their wedding. To be fair, those days were probably never here for anyone but me. But thankfully now we have pieces like Teresa Giudice’s bridal and bridesmaids robe to look chic and cozy while getting ready for the main event.

Teresa’s off the shoulder style is perfect for getting makeup and hair done, I think it’s an amazing gift for any bride. And it even comes in other colors and styles for those not tying the knot. The feather trim styles her bridesmaids wore might not be quite and functional, I am obsessed with how fun they are. So whether there’s a wedding in you future or you just need the perfect getting ready robe, you can thank Teresa for the inspo.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Teresa Giudice's Wedding and Bridesmaids Robes

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