By now, we all already know that Brad picked Emily, despite her dress choice for the final rose ceremony. Chantelle and the dead bird on her shoulder were left at the altar as Bachelor road-kill. Good choice Brad, I thought. Emily looked to be the more mature decision, even though she is a good 13 years younger than good old King of the Man Cougars Mr. Womack.  I get that feeling that all of that therapy told him to grow up already and go with the more calm, stable and “adult” relationship. He was probably told to stay away from the more fun, yet more emotionally volatile relationships, like the one he had with Chantelle.  And he listened….

Judging from After The Final Rose, he probably should have pulled a Jason Mesnick. I watched the show PST, so I was on a delay, but BBHB East Coast Bachelor correspondent Jen  🙂 was so kind as to warn me that After The Final Rose was shockingly “awkward”. Girlfriend wasn’t lying!  

First, America watched Brad uncomfortably “articulate” his feelings for Chantelle. I do feel bad for her because I like the girl, but what do you expect? She asked him prying questions about his feelings for her, with his fiancé watching. At this point it was pretty obvious that Brad’s hands were tied, and even if he had strong feelings for Chantelle, he’s not going to put Emily on blast on television and sleep on the couch for a week.

She proceeded to accuse him of keeping her around when he knew he wasn’t going to marry her. HELLO! It’s the Bachelor….It’s TELEVISION. Even if Brad knew he wanted to marry Emily during the first episode, ABC wasn’t going to say “Ok, send the rest of these losers home and this season will be 3 episodes.” They have ad space to sell and viewers to please people! It would be crappy to be kept around for programming purposes, but don’t go on a show to find your husband if you’re not ok with that possibility. 

Nothing was resolved and I’m sure Chantelle’s new boyfriend probably didn’t enjoy watching her waterworks over Brad, but even if he hits the road I get the feeling that our friend from the Great Northwest falls in love fairly easily.

And I thought THAT was the awkward part. It ends up, Emily and Brad took that cake on that one. To sum it up, I think she hates him! I can imagine that all of the tabloids and other episodes took their toll, and I couldn’t imagine watching my husband date other chicks, but THAT’S WHY I DIDN’T MEET HIM ON THE BACHELOR! Had Emily not watched the show before? She’s hot, but to think he wouldn’t have anything going on with any of the other girls is delusional.  Brad is a dude. If you’re going to put a bunch of hot women in front of him and send them on dates, things are going to happen.  It’s just not the way men function.  On top of the fact that the other women would have gone home if he wasn’t showing any signs of interest in them.

As for Emily…Was that even the same girl from this season? And I’m not referring to the weave/bleach/spray tan removal.  She seemed more 151 than Southern Comfort. Her character on the show could have been a product editing, but the sweet, quiet, little southern belle seemed to have a not-so-little attitude on her on After The Final Rose. As much as she said she “didn’t date” before the show, if that’s true, I’m guessing she has probably had a long line of fellas interested. Watching the other episodes was probably a pretty big blow to her ego.

The worst part is, it seems like Brad REALLY likes her.  He looked like a little puppy-dog, getting scorned by his master. Ask my husband, I know how a man looks in that scenario! I’ve heard some rumors that she was in it for the fame (and some other nasty things that I haven’t brought to the blog because I like her), and as I add things up they may be sticking with me a little bit more. Also, maybe she was legitimately trying to sabatoge the relationship when she kept asking Brad if he was sure he was ready for kids so she would come in second and be chosen for The Bachelorette? Or maybe she really is just straight up m.a.d. after watching all of the episodes. All I know is, the voodoo doll that the women he left at the altar during his first go-round made seems to really be authentic.

I’m not sure this one is going to last, even with the counsel of the other 3 Bachelor couples who are still together (I’m not even going to depress us with the breakdown of the success rate of this show as a match-making operation).  The saddest part about that segment was that Roberto’s looks seemed to be on the decline. Do you suppose that thing when people start looking like their dogs is happening to him with Ali?

As for the couple, I hope it works out. I don’t think Brad is the type that deserves to be alone his whole life. However, I looked in my crystal hair-dryer and saw a Jake and Vienna style sit-down/knock-down-drag-out featuring Emily and Brad…And shortly after Em breaks up Hef’s upcoming nuptials and moves into the Playboy Mansion J.

If that whole fiasco didn’t make you sick, stay tuned for the next Season of The Bachelorette! I was prepared for this, but how could they? Ashley H.? She acted like a 5-year-old this season. I can’t even stomach the idea of it. I knew they wouldn’t go with Michelle Money because she was too controversial, but I found her much more likable and entertaining than the H-Bomb. If the producers are smart, which they are, they were saving Ms. Money for Bachelor Pad. Chantelle also would have been way better, but perhaps she was already on-to-the-next-one before they did casting.  At any rate, The Bachelorette starts in May. In the meantime I’ll be looking into some sort of mood-altering drug/substance so I can stomach the show!