The One’s For The Boys: Real Sons of New Jersey Style – Part 1

July 21, 2011-

By Lauren

As I was watching Real Housewives of New Jersey 2 episodes ago, I noticed something that both disturbed and thrilled me. My son had three of the outfits that the RHONJ kids were wearing. Not one, but three — In one episode. And then I thought about how the first day I took him to storytime and the teacher called him “Jersey Shore Baby” soley because of his Adidas tracksuit — And the fact that he fist bumps at the level of most 5-year-olds at only 18 months. And how people in my conservative, Midwestern Chicago neighborhood often give me the look when he rolls up in his skull print beanie, True Religion Jeans and his faux hawk is revealed (I love the look btw)…


So, while I don’t delve into kid territory very often due to my “Mommy-Blog-A-Phobia”, I felt this was a sign. So if you want your son to have Jersey Style here are a few key pieces to add to his wardrobe, and how to do it like I do – Without breaking the bank and before he’s old enough to know the boy next door isn’t wearing rhinestones.


Melissa’s Son Gino’s Adidas Tracksuit

Tracksuit by Adidas

Exact Style in 2T On EBay

Style Stealer:

Adidas Infant/Toddler Tracksuit $29.99

Jacqueline’s Son Nicholas’s Black & White Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt by Gap Kids SOLD OUT

Style Stealer:

Similar Style with Mock Collar from Gap 3-6mths $11.95

Similar Style with Mock Collar from Gap 0-3mths $11.95

Melissa Gorga’s Son Gino’s British Flag Thermal Hoodie

British Flag Thermal Hoodie by Gap Kids SOLD OUT

Style Stealer:

Baby Gap Union Jack Hoodie $29.95


More Jersey-Worthy Styles Found in My Son’s Closet

True Religion Billy Infant/Toddler Jeans Sale $52.90

*I got my kiddo’s pair on EBAY used for $35 and he’s been wearing his 12-18mth pair for almost a year. They are cut very long & narrow.

Pink Axle Skull Hat $19.99

Infant / Toddler Pumas $32.95

*Sign up for emails from and you’ll get $10 off coupons etc. Also some available on EBay. I also bought a size too big so they’d last longer*


And now that I’ve done Part I, I have to follow up with Part II to share all the must-have items I found while searching for the ones my son already has.


Have you seen something fab on a Housewife or celeb and you can’t live without their style? Post a comment below, tweet @BigBlondeHair or leave a comment on The Big Blonde Hair Blog’s Facebook pageand I will do my best to track it down for you!

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  1. Chrisinia says

    HI, I am just woundering what and where Mellisa Gorga get’s the baby’s clothes? The last episode when the baby has a white hat that matches the white shirt it’s G & G or something? Thank you!! love your site and fallow you..

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