Alexis Bellino’s Green Deep V Top

July 22, 2011-

By Lauren

Hi- Alexis wears a green top with a gold necklace in some of the clips where they interview her. Do you know who makes that shirt? Mary

This is an oldie (as in the email is like 2 months old, not to mention the clip) but a goodie. And it’s mostly a goodie because tracked down the answer without really trying, which is rare – And fantastic. Even if it is months later. Which means Lazy Friday for me.

Alexis Bellino’s Green Wrap Top With Rhinestones

Roberto Cavalli Sleeveless Green Top with Rhinestones

Check out for more additional items worn by Ms. Bellino herself

Style Stealers

Green Wrap Blouse $64

Sleeveless Bow Blouse $70

DVF Issie Long Sleeve Top $245



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  1. Rindy Sue Harrison says

    What about the jeans that she wears in the season 4 or 5 episode “Let us bow our heads and pray”? Its the scene where her and Jim sit down for breakfast with her preacher Jentezen Franklin. She looks awesome in those jeans! Want that look for me! Thank you so much!

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