Tinsley Mortimer’s Gold Embellished Collar Sweater

July 19, 2017-

By Lauren

Tinsley Mortimer’s Gold Embellished Collar Sweater

Season 9 Episode 14 Real Housewives of New York Fashion & Style

Bethenny Frankel is to Balmain as Tinsley Mortimer is to this designer of her go-to embellished collared sweater. Do you have an answer yet? Or were you left speechless by Tinsley’s bold blind date behavior? If so, I can’t say I’m on your side A) I know the answer and B) One of the only things giving me life during this season of Real Housewives of New York is Tinsley’s dating behavior. First Chad, and now Scott, what more could I want then another look at date night Tinsley?

Rumor has it that my neighbor’s bestie from way back dated Scott-from-Chicago-who-owns-a-coupon-code-website. So while you’re getting the dish on where a few of you can scoop up Tinsley’s gold embellished collar sweater, I’ll be taking some cookies down the street trying to dig up dirt on Tinsley’s new man.

Tinsley Mortimer wearing the Alice & Olivia gold embellished collar Did sweater

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  1. Housewives fan says

    Tinsley is such a stunningly beautiful girl, but I just don’t get her fashion choices. With few exceptions, it seems like she’s hell-bent on looking like a walking, talking dust ruffle, or otherwise like Peter Pan, with the little schoolgirl collars; she could look so much more sophisticated.The dizzying ruffles and colors (the upcoming reunion dress actually makes me ill) don’t even particularly strike me as Palm Beach/Lilly Pulitzer-esque; they are just BAD. Tinsley, it’s time to grow up and wear big-girl clothes. Bryn Hoppy has a more sophisticated wardrobe!

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