Tinsley Moritmer’s Pink Nail Polish in Columbia

Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 17 Beauty

Tinsley Moritmer’s pink nail polish in Columbia was as bright as most of her outfits were. And it may have proved more useful if the ladies ended up in the water as a bright colored device. I’ll be honest- I have only seen 2 of this season’s episodes. I am not even done with the last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. BH and NY are my two favorite franchises and so I feel like I need to devote ample attention to each episode. That’s something I haven’t had time for. So imagine my surprise when I realized we are SEVENTEEN episodes in to this season and I have all that to catch up on! I mean, I am a little overwhelmed with the binging that is to come. But I have a feeling it will all be worth it when I get to this episode! They are jam packed with drama and screaming, and hearing about the controversy that has been circling this season, I believe I’ll love every minute!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Tinsley Moritmer's Pink Nail Polish in Columbia

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