Tinsley Mortimer’s Dark Jeans with Button Fly on Instagram

Real Housewives of New York Instagram Fashion

Tinsley Mortimer’s dark jeans with button fly on Instagram are totally on trend, like pretty much all of Tinsley’s casual outfits. I love a high-waisted jean — (well, my size 2 a*s used to, anyways, but I am of course still wearing them), but recently my friend and I were discussing how she went to the store and they were legit labeled at “mom jeans” which I find kind of insulting as a mom who tries to be stylish!

Trust me, I’ve been on that side. When I got preggo with my son at 27 I was soooo depressed because I thought I had to start wearing “mom jeans” and dumpy clothing, and that’s legitimately why I found the Housewives so inspiring when I first saw them and started covering them on the blog. They certainly weren’t wearing my idea of “mom clothes”.

So, thank you to Tinsley’s denim for being labeled “high-waisted” and to the rest of you who are taking a while to catch up to that, just wait til ya squeeze a kid out and still try to feel hot.

Yep, you’d better believe I am just jealous ;-p.

The Realest Housewife,

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Tinsley Mortimer's White Puff Sleeve Top

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