Tinsley Mortimer’s Pink Shoes

June 20, 2018-

By Sally Steele

Tinsley Mortimer’s Pink Shoes

Real Housewives of New York and Watch What Happens Live June 20, 2018

Tinsley Mortimer’s pink shoes pranced over to that shotski tonight and made my eyes pop. I looooove a pop of color in shoes, and what’s even better? Tinsley matched her finger nails to the shoes. A pop of pink is ideal.

I was surprised by the color palette Tinsley chose to wear tonight. But it all came together when I noticed the shoes. In other words, it took a moment to grow on me. Similarly, Tinsley, like Teddi on RHOBH, was greeted by fans with lukewarm feelings. She quickly rose to the top as a fan fave and has stayed there ever since. I love her, and her style!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Tinsley Mortimer's Pink Shoes

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  1. Ellyn Ostrove says

    Hello! I love Tinsley’s pink shoes an matching polish! Do you know what color/brand her nail polish is?

    Many thanks!
    Ellyn O.
    How Cute Is That! Boutique 🙂

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