Tinsley Mortimer’s Red Lace Dress at the Murder Mystery Dinner

Season 10 Episode 8 Real Housewives of New York Fashion

I love a good murder mystery so I was obsessed with Dorinda’s dinner party on last night’s Real Housewives of New York. If I’m not blogging on Big Blonde Hair at night you’d better believe I’m in my bed with a good murder-y book in hand. In fact, when I was pregnant with Valentino, Mark surprised me and got a crew of my friends to agree to attend a Murder Mystery dinner and paid extra to have me pulled up as a Witness, which if you know me and my fear of being pulled up in front of large groups was mortifying but memorable.

I loved all of the women’s commentary on each other’s outfits, I thought it was hysterical. Like when Dorinda said Tinsley just came dressed as Tinsley, she was pretty spot on. But had the name on her tag come up during dinner the biggest controversy at the table wouldn’t have been Carol v. Bethenny, as the ex husband of the designer, Harvey Weinstein, is headed to jail tomorrow, where he belongs. She has certainly gotten flack for his wrong doings and her business has taken a hit despite her gorgeous designs, which I’m not sure how I feel about as I don’t know the whole story, but she did tell him peace out which I feel like says something. And I’m not into the whole blaming the wife for the husbands’ behavior as it seems that never goes both ways.

And I digress, back to a dress where the drama comes in all forms, including the cutouts, tiers, color, price tag and designer….

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Tinsley Mortimer's Red Lace Dress at the Murder Mystery Dinner

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