Tinsley Mortimer’s White and Red Embroidered Skirt in Cartagena

Season 10 Episode 15 Real Housewives of New York Fashion

I don’t know about you, but last night’s episode of RHONY in Cartagena was like crack (or to be more location-specific, cocaine) for me fashion-wise. I was honestly so overwhelmed by all the outfit-changes that I didn’t know where to look one moment to the next, and totally missed Tinsley’s white and red embroidered skirt until Lauren sent me the above picture (I was probably too focused on the beauty that was Bethenny’s sunglasses).

How genius was Tinsley’s method of avoiding any room-drama by handing each lady a Tiffany box with an initial-necklace inside? I personally think Tinsley should carry little blue boxes around with her 24/7 so that whenever she feels any conflict arising in the group, she just hands out boxes to everyone like candy. Here’s to hoping Tiffany is Tinsley’s first stop when she gets back to New York, because judging by the drama unfolding over red scarf guy, she’ll need to re-stock asap.




Tinsley Mortimer's White and Red Embroidered Skirt

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